Micheal sounds off about Test Tube Winemaking

First Off Let Me Be Clear; If It Doesn't Start With Grapes Grown In The Vineyard And Then Produced From A Crush & Fermentation At A Winery, Then IT IS NOT (No Matter How Good IT is) WINE! JMHFO! smile emoticon:)

FTR - I say this with my deepest apologies to all the Star-Trek and Galaxy Quest Fans (Of which I consider myself a fan but not a "Fan-boy!"

That said, this does touch upon a hot-topic in wine... The subject of "natural wine" has been a hot-button topic, and certainly should be seen as an extreme response on how best to make wine; BUT, I think it is important in one area... It does touch upon the very murky & dark secrets surrounding the manipulation of wine during the winemaking process....

Its not a far stretch from noting the wine makers over manipulation of winemaking to progressing to the production of symthetically made "fermented wine-like beverages!"

Matt Kramer (Wine Spectator) and others have for years repeatedly wrote aobut the topic of a need for more honestly disclosing winemaking manipulation. He (Kramer) has noted that Wine labels currently can and do tell us several good things about a wine, but they NEVER tell us about the types of, or extent of, manipulation done so as to overcome the year to year challanges faced from vineyard growing season variations...

As consumers we need and should demand to know - What is happending in the winemaking process that gets a winery to repeatedly showcase their wines signature looks and tastes, and do so virtually the same each and every year. click below to read the article by The Mercury News.