2016 Smoke Tree Pinot Noir, Sonoma County


2016 Smoke Tree Pinot Noir, Sonoma County

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Tasting Notes

Smoke Tree Pinot Noir has tones of black cherry, plum and cola with hints of allspice and rusticity. The palate is silky and well-framed with a clean finish. It is true to the varietal, savory and refined.


The grapes were fermented in open top fermenters with 10% of the lots retaining whole clusters. Fermentation is primarily native, long and cool, allowing for balanced extraction and retention of delicate aromas. The wine ages for twelve months in French oak barrels, 15% new.


Select cool climate vineyards across Sonoma County provide the ideal range of fruit profiles for Smoke Tree Pinot Noir. Complexity on the palate starts in the vineyards, so winemaker Joel Burt looks for mature vines (an average of 20 years in age), from up to five different clones and eleven vineyard partners. He selects fruit with dark fruit characteristics, bold flavors and substance. The majority of the fruit for the 2015 vintage came from the windswept vineyards of Carneros and hilltops of Sonoma Coast.

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