2015 Herman Story, 'Casual Encounters,' California


2015 Herman Story, 'Casual Encounters,' California

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Winemaker Notes

All the fun of impressing your date with a clandestine tour of your rich uncle’s topsail schooner at Newport Harbor Yacht Club: forbidden blackberries, flintlock guns, fresh baked dark chocolate brownies, distant engine oil, rain wet sage, maduro cigars, 1000 leather bound books, raspberry coulis and the devilish pleasure of getting away with it all.Blend: 33% Syrah, 33% Mourvèdre, 21% Grenache, 10% Tannat, 3% Carignan

Critical Acclaim


Wilfred Wong of Wine.com

COMMENTARY: At a moment's glance, one may be guessing that a 15.2% alcohol wine is all about heat, and maybe even a bit of sugar, but with this wine, those presumptions are not so. Quite the contrary, this is one of most beautiful and well balanced "big" wines in the marketplace. TASTING NOTES: This wine starts out with the power of ultrarich black fruit before it settles onto the palate with a beautiful and well-defined chalky and mineral-like personality. Its intricate—the wine is a blend of small cofermented lots—and complex flavors should pair well with seasoned and savory braised meat dishes. (Tasted: March 23, 2018, San Francisco, CA)

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